As a good wine, Aninha doesn’t get old… she gets better…


I’m back!

After a long,  long winter. .. finally the spring arrived!
Even literally !!!


Oh, but you may be thinking: “WTF is going on?!?!?! Why on earth is she writing in English? !?!!?!”

If you understand and read in English. .. good for you.

If you don’t,  I hope you are reading this on Google translate. ..

So… what’s story?

Well… I know this suppose to be a exchange blog… focused in brazilians… mainly the ones that, before coming, are reading everything about Dublin,  Ireland and the experience of brazilians here.

As you know as well. .. this blog never had the commitment to bring accurate information about courses,  cost of life and others relevant bullets when the matters is do a exchange. Sorry… I think there are plenty of good blogs and sites offering this infos and I like to write about my personal experiences here… hehe

So… with all that information on the table,  and since when I got here in the second time my main aim wasn’t just do a exchange,  but live in Ireland… to make a long story short,  basically I want to practice my writing in English.

And I think the best way to do that is start writing about what I like: my experiences,  my thoughts,  little pieces of my life here.

And again. .. I’m starting to write in English. .. of course I will make lots of mistakes. .. but this is the idea.

I accept suggestions,  mini classes, tips how to improve etc… but I’m not a native,  and if you come here to offend me… well… you are not that welcome.

So… let’s start!

Last May 27th I had my birthday!

And I got my first surprise party of my life!

It was sooooooo amazing!

My amazing friends involved my boyfriend in the plan… and what suppose to be a romantic b-day dinner turns out in a great surprise celebration!

I won’t forget that moment ever!

Realize that many people expend time, energy, ideas, elaborating a plan, taking care of details… made me feel so loved, happy and blessed.

What I can say is… is worth you plant your seed… water and care of your seed… and see what you had planted, grow.

I’m ready for a new year!

My new year!

And let grow… not grow old…

but maturate… evolve… and learn day by day… how to appreciate life… and a good wine..

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Thanks everybody!!!

Lov U all!!!

❤ ❤ ❤